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PrimeStud™ Drywall Framing System

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PrimeStud™ and PrimeTrack™ are brand new light-gauge stud and track. 

They are interior non-load bearing steel members. The studs are roll-formed in a “C” shape with hemmed return lips and an offset (planking) in the web. The tracks are channel-shaped with hemmed flanges and with offsets (planking) in the web. The studs are manufactured with punch-outs in the web. The punch-outs are spaced 24 inches on center along the centerline of the member with a minimum of 12 inches from the centerline of the punch-out to the edge of the stud member.

Material and Certification
The PrimeStud™ and PrimeTrack™ are roll-formed from coils of steel complying with ASTM A1003-10 Nonstructural Grade 41 (NS41) steel. The uncoated minimum base metal thickness is specified in the PrimeStud™ and PrimeTrack™properties tables (.015 and .024 Properties Table and .019 Properties Table). The coating is a minimum G40 in accordance with ASTM A1003-10.

PrimeStud™ and PrimeTrack™ are products of Olmar Supply, Inc. They are approved by the ICC-Evaluation Service  (ICC-ES) based on the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) which references the 2007 AISI S100, the North American Specification for Design of Cold-formed Steel Structural Members. PrimeStud™ Drywall Framing System is listed in the report of ICC-Evaluation Service ESR-3503. This package contains structural properties and span table for all non-composite studs and track based on the AISI S100-07. Composite design table for the studs based on ICC-ES AC86 testing is included in the ICC-ES ESR-3503. Because of the hemmed returns, these studs provide the safest environment for handling light-gauge framing materials.

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PrimeStud Drywall Framing System ICC ES ESR 3503

Structural Metal Studs PrimeStud .015 & .024 Allowable Span Table - Non-Composite

Metal Framing Studs Primestud .019 Allowable Span Table - Non-Composite

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We are a full member of the Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) and participate in the SFIA Code Compliance certification program for metal studs and tracks. Check the updated list of Certified Production Facilities at Architectural Testing's website at www.archtest.com